Finding the dropbox icon?

I installed dropbox yesterday. As far as the status icon goes, I get a little dot that is nearly invisible as the indicator. If I hover over it I get all the functions of the dropbox menu when I right click. I just want to see the whole icon… anyone? Thanks

It’s a known bug I’m afraid. Something to do with the QT version Dropbox is using. It doesn’t work right in most distros/DEs at the moment.

Try installing sni-qt and indicators and add indicator applet to the panel see if that fixes it . It is a workaround but it may work .

Update to this, I recentally installed 15.04. I then did the direct download of dropbox from their website. Status icon shows up and everything works very well without workarounds.

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Old post, but perhaps a better place than starting a new one.
My Dropbox icon in the system tray looks correct, indicates syncing etc, but has a very black square background so does not match the (default) colour of the tray. Is this normal? Can it be changed, or should I reinstall Dropbox and re-download all files? Thanks.