Firefox Developer Edition


Does anyone know if there are plans to include Firefox Developer Edition in the Software Boutique?
I’d really like to install it on my system, maybe there’s a PPA someone’s found?
Any help / feedback is always appreciated.

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Nathan Russell

There’s an official (i.e. from Canonical) PPA for Firefox beta, but none that I know of for the Developer Edition. All Mozilla provides now is a tar.bz2 file, so it can’t be added to the Boutique.

The best bet is for a snap package in the future: Mozilla has said they are going to support snap packages. Hopefully they do so soon and include the Developer Edition when they do!

Since the developer edition uses a separate user profile, it’s actually advantageous to you to just download the binaries from Mozilla and install it in your home folder. You really only need to unpack the tar.gz file somewhere, like ~/bin. This way you can keep regular firefox for your usual web surfing, and the DE for your work. So you can install it yourself just fine.

I don’t there is currently any available PPA. IIRC, someone at Mozilla made one when they initially launched it. But it has been removed since and apparently the only way to download it is through Mozilla. If this is true, then chances of it making to the Software Boutique are probably none, if I understand correctly the principles behind the Boutique.

I did some more research and have found that it is actually available through Ubuntu Make.

I believe that supplies some form of update management.

I suppose, since Ubuntu Make is available through the boutique… That sort of works?

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Do you think there’d be interest in a tutorial on installing firefox de through ubuntu make, adding it to the system menu, and optionally setting it as the default x-www-browser?

The aim of the Software Boutique is not to become an alternative to Ubuntu Software Center, Appgrid or Synaptic. We want just a selection of software of which we know that it works well with Ubuntu MATE.

As this concerns the Developer Edition of Firefox you could consider it beta software and therefor we cannot guarantee that it works well with Ubuntu MATE. As it is a Developer version it is subject to changes we cannot control and potentially could break the system. Therefore it does not fit the scope of the Software Boutique.

And again, we do not want to include all software. If you want more software, you can manually add the PPA and install the application. Or you can use the Ubuntu Software Center, Appgrid or Synaptic (which can be installed using Software Boutique). And if you are really hardcore, you can use apt or apt-get.

Note: The PPA mentioned is not a Canonical PPA, it is the Official Mozilla Beta PPA and therefor maintained by Mozilla rather than Canonical.

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Saying Canonical may have been wrong, since it's beta software so they don't support it, but it's not Mozilla-maintained either. It's maintained by the Ubuntu "Mozilla Team", which includes Ubuntu developers like members of the Ubuntu security team and Chris Coulson, Canonical's "browser guy" who is mostly working on the Ubuntu (phone) browser these days.

I do agree beta/pre-release software doesn't belong in the Boutique!

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I stand corrected, thanks @abrowne

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