Firefox, midori and chromium browser problems

As i use firefox 46.0.1… it keep on crashing and exiting everytime …

That goes the same with Midori browser as well.

I really do not know what has happen… i cannot do any work done on my raspberry pi 3!

I cannot even use Chromium browser either as it cannot even run.

I did send many feedback to launchpad…

I just hope the ubuntu team solve this problem!

It become very annoying and fustrated to use it.
Because i have no other options!

Try and start firefox from the command line and a new profile with the command:

firefox -P

Also run the fixes from the Software Boutique (Last icon on the right)


I was experiencing Firefox 46 crashes on my Mac PPC. Someone suggested that I go back to a previous working version. Firefox 45 is working fine on my Mac. Perhaps someone who knows can suggest where you can find older versions that once worked on your system.