Fixing Brave Browser option in software center


When installing the Brave Browser from the software boutique (or browser selection in the welcome menu), a much older version of the browser is installed. I am not what script is used to install Brave from the center, but the Brave website has the terminal based installation steps here. Otherwise, loving this distro on an optimus laptop!

Thank you

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Would you please give us the version of Brave that is installed?

And could you give us the version of Software Boutique that you have. It will be in the bottom left corner when you open it.


Of course! The software boutique is at 17.10.20 and Brave is at version 0.26.0, instead of 0.67.123 . I should also note that I am on Ubuntu Mate 18.04, but something tells me that isn't the issue.

You are running an older version, it should be at version 19.10.0

Can you run this command and give me the output:
snap list
Specifically we are looking for the version of software-boutique which should be 0+git.9cc961a rev 39

Should you see something different lets run this command:
sudo snap refresh and let's see if that will update it.

If not lets run these commands:

snap install ubuntu-mate-welcome - -classic
snap install software-boutique - -classic

That should update the Software Boutique

Okay, so I tried refreshing the Snap packages and only the "core" was updated. Individually updating/installing the welcome and software boutique packages did not update them either. I will add that all of this is on a relatively fresh install too. The "snap list" command gave the same version as you mentioned above "0+git.9cc961a rev 39." Also I just want to make it clear that I was able to get Brave installed, which tells me the installation script for the boutique/welcome menu needs to just be tweaked.

Thanks for the information.

I'd like to work on this with you for a bit.

From the current Software Boutique you can install the current version of Brave. I'd like to try and see why your instance of Software Boutique isn't showing correctly. For reference I have just installed the current version of Brave from the Software Boutique.

I'd like to do a bit of troubleshooting with you if you'd be up for that.

I'd like you to run these commands:
sudo snap remove software-boutique ubuntu-mate-welcome
Then go to /home/<username>/snap and do an ls -al
Then do an rm -rf ubuntu-mate-welcome and if it exists and rm -rf software-boutique
Next please run sudo snap install ubuntu-mate-welcome --classic software-boutique --classic

At that point let's have you run the Software Boutique and see if you are running the correct version.

This is actually one reason I made a script to install Brave and posted it here. It's basically the exact commands from, but with some added commentary.

Okay, so I reinstalled the software boutique and found that it now marks Brave is installed. The Boutique version is 19.10.0 Next I also reinstalled Brave just to be sure and everything works. I guess a more up to date version of the boutique needs to be put on the 18.04 ISOs?

EDIT: I also noticed that the installation media that I was using was 18.04.2, however during the installation the installer must have upgraded me to 18.04.3. Which I noticed because of the 5.0 kernel. I'll try and open a VM with the livecd image or something after getting the new ISO.

Thanks for getting back with us. I'm glad you got it working.

Just did some checking and 18.04.2 ships with version 17.10.26 of the Software Boutique it should have updated via snapd to the current version.

18.04.3 which dropped this week ships with version 19.10.0 which is the current version.