Floating window picker

Hello and thanks for reading :slight_smile:
This idea came to mind when I activate Alt + F1, an application menu appears, similar to a contextual menu with slightly larger icons.
So, how do I get a similar menu for open windows?

  • Activated by keyboard shortcut, such as Alt + Tab
  • Native appearance, without effects or thumbnails like the current Alt + Tab
  • It is not necessary to show the full name of the window
  • It is also not necessary to be located near the mouse cursor

I don't know if this feature already exists or it is necessary to make some arrangement somewhere. If it does not currently exist, I suppose it can be based on the application of the panel since it is quite similar to what I am looking for.

If I understand you correctly, this feature is already there.
It is MATE Panel applet named Window Selector:


You can add it as any other MATE Panel applet - do right mouse click on the panel and select Add to Panel.

Hello! Yes !, is quite similar to my idea, but it is not "floating" as the Alt + Tab menu and Alt + F1 menu, these menus appear on the screen invoked by a shortcut without being attached to a panel.
I would prefer to save mileage on mouse use just by pressing a keyboard shortcut that activates the Window Selector. It's possible?

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