Font Indentation Horrors


I was breaking my head over why the indentation/tabs in VIM/NANO does not match GEDIT/PLUMA. Its a programming nightmare.

As you might have guessed its the "fonts". Seems fixed width either isn't or my understanding of "fonts" in general is just slacking. I feel like a complete moron.

However, the solution is to install a proper font which is in the repo, yay!

sudo apt install fonts-inconsolata

Inside GEDIT/PLUMA goto in the menu and select:

  1. preferences
  2. select fonts tab
  3. untick fixed lettertype
  4. select Incosolata font
  5. select fontsize 14

and you're done :smiley:

Almost forgot, my tabsize=8 and I don't replace them with spaces.

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Thanks @Guy :slight_smile:
I think many people will be interested about that for their daily basis :slight_smile:

After a week of testing, I can definitely say this works. I switch regularly between vim and pluma and it feels like home now.

How's your experience ?

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This is Vim / Nano in the MATE Terminal, in an xterm, what?