Forum ranks how to acquire


Hello everyone I wanted to ask someone that may already know how do you build a community relationship using and answering question for this forum? I use a number of distributions including Ubuntu mate 14.04 in fact I have mate installed on three of my machine and Ubuntu 16.04 on one machine along with a few other distro’s

I’m also a member of Ubuntu’s forum and they have a ranking system that’s gives you beans when you answer questions support questions on their forum but here I’m not really sure because I don’t see anything like that here

I love to give as much help as I can to Ubuntu and its communities because I love what you guys do and this just a small token of my appreciation and a way I can say thank you for all the hard work you all do

I know there must be ways of be coming a mod here or Admin

I hope I posted this in the right section if not you may move it to the correct sub forum

Thanks so much for any help with this


Check it out


Thanks V3xx for the link I will look it over and see how things are done here on these forums. Thank you so much for taking the times to point me in the right direction…