Free Screen Recorder Recommendations

Hey I’m looking for a good screen recorder :

-Good Quality (1080p30fps)
-For Gameplay
-For Desktop
-With a big variety of formats (webm, mov, mpeg, mp4…etc)

Thanks !!

simplescreenrecorder - It’s in the Software Boutique under Sound & Video

There is also the GUI version of recordmydesktop

You can install it with the following command:

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

I recommend simplescreenrecorder. It is less buggy and has more easily accessible options, in my experience.



OBS all the way:

Actually, it’s under “Screencast” (nice link BTW)


Fixed it . Tnx for the notice .

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I don’t know about any of them, but i think the welcome app ought to have the functionality where people can easily generate a movie of what’s going on just to make debugging easier. fwiw.

For debugging purposes you can make a short animated gif with “peek”

sudo apt install peek
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Well that would be simplescreenrecorder then. I use it regularly to post videos on here