Freezing issues and other major problems with Ubuntu Mate and common apps

Ubuntu Mate keeps freezing on my HP Compaq TC4400 laptop, it also fails to fully copy files where Windows of any OS succeeds, for example on MP3s, gave me repeat errors, something about splitting issues or something as it transferred to an SD card, it's also horrid that it doesn't unmount SD cards when rebooting or shutting off and can cause them to become read only, will it do that to USB sticks and external drives too? Horrible. Firefox also always starts freezing right away and can lock up the whole laptop forcing me to shut it off. Everything is up to date. I also keep getting error messages about the game 7 kingdoms closing improperly or something. Also those OpenRA games don't load and AppImages of them do absolutely nothing. Why are they even in the MATE list of games?! I downloaded Ultracopier using synapse and it doesn't show up in the installed list, getting info from the system on it doesn't even tell me where it is installed or give an option to launch it, why such sparse info like that when it comes to looking up program info? Why also no details about what is being transferred exactly using Caja, it just tells you something is being transferred, but not what, there is not even a status bar when it encounters a large file. And finally Cheese and other camera programs have the exposure way too high on cameras so that trying to record anything in daylight just shows whiteness, only if I cover it with my hand can something be seen, something completely useless. Why do such programs have no automatic or manual exposure control, isn't that an obvious thing to have???! It's 2020, wow. How many more decades for fixes?