From the "Going Linux" Podcast - May 2017 - Ubuntu-Mate

Episode #323, May 20th 2017 - Ubuntu MATE: A Typical Linux Distribution

“Not every Linux distro is the same, but many have very similar features and applications. In today’s episode we review Ubuntu MATE from the perspective that it is a typical modern Linux distro for the average user.”


Length - 45 minutes

If you use Ubuntu-Mate already your best use for this may be to share it with people who “might be interested, but I run … OS”.

Thank you the Going Linux Podcast. :relaxed:


Wish i had more time to sit and watch stuff like this.

It’s an audio podcast. Just play it in your browser as you work.

Thanks, @alpinejohn!

That would be swell if i didn’t have to use the listener to remember what i’m doing as i work.

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What vintage cheese would you like with that whine? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, but i prefer my cheese to be fresh enough to be without mould.

Whoever you are, note this. It is Real Easy to start a flamewar and it is Real Easy to put one out.

As i mentioned in some other thread, a universal-individual-identifier might be a very good thing for some purposes… stay well, stay focused, and whatever you are focused on will come to at least your own attention, then you can figure out where that came from comma if you’re lucky.