Future installation Ubuntu Mate 20.04

Hello, I have been asking this community for help for a long time and it is thanks to Ubuntu Mate 18.04 not giving me problems.
My question this time is in relation to the future release of Ubuntu Mate 20.04, the proprietary drivers will be optional installation or will be installed automatically, so far I try to have the system as clean as I can of the proprietary programs and drivers. Thank you.

It gives you an option during the setup to add proprietary nonfree stuff if I remember correctly. I clicked yes.

Thanks for responding but in that option of the prince you say, there is everything you have no options or all or nothing. For example (and as it will be new) Nvidia's proprietary drivers, the option of yes / no to install them will be given.

Can you restate what you are saying? I dont follow.

No problem, a little history, install UM 16.04, upgrade to UM 18.04 and now I think it would be good to do a clean installation, I read that in version 20.04 the Nvidia proprietary drivers will be in the ISO, I am one of those who can They avoid everything privative.
When you do a new installation at the beginning, it gives you the option to install third-party software, my question goes around, in that third-party software will Nvidia's proprietary drivers be, for example?
Since 2016 I am very happy with UM and without any problem and I would like to continue using it, but without any proprietary software.
I have a 4 generation VANT i3 device, this brand has equipment ready to install GNU / Linux systems and therefore I do not need to have a system with private parts, just that. Thank you.


(In case you haven't noticed, I'm writing thanks to Google translate, I'm sorry)

No problem, yeah if you dont install third party drivers then you wont be using nvidia drivers and instead you will use nouveau free drivers.

Only thing you will notice is the system uses more power as nouveau drivers dont currently support adaptive cpu scaling and other power rrducing techniques so your card runs hotter and draws more power.


I didn't know that. Thank you.
I have realized (slow it is one) that I can try a daily version of UM in a virtual machine and know what it installs in that option.


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Cool good luck.