G-ir-scanner + Mate


I would like to play a little with MATE (applet) from a language I like.

In order to do so, I need to create bindings first. I wanted to obtain .gir files by installing gir1.2-mate-panel and gir1.2-matepanelapplet-4 but I only got .typelib files.

Is there a way of obtaining the .gir files or could you please guide me, how to properly run g-ir-scanner? I was searching mate-panel repo for a while, but I failed to find anything.

<3 MATE desktop

It is located in gobject-introspection package.

Such files are usually contained in the -dev packages. They are built from source-package. For this case from gnome-panel.

The MatePanelApplet-4.0.gir is contained in libmate-panel-applet-dev.

To ease the compilation process I would recommend to enable source code (deb-src) repositories from Software & Updates and then get build-dependencies for mate-panel and mate-applets packages:

sudo apt-get build-dep mate-panel mate-applets

Some development tools are also needed, install them with:

sudo apt-get install build-essential dpkg-dev debhelper devscripts

Then you can try to hack existing applets by getting its source code:

cd ~/Downloads
apt-get source mate-applets

and play with them. For example compile them as is apt-get source --build mate-applets or compile changed version by running dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us .

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