Gaming headphone/mic

Hey guys/gals, I have a dedicated machine which is for my kids to game on… Running Ubuntu-MATE 15.04. What I want are suggestions for a cheap but decent gaming headphone/mic set so I don’t have to listen to them. Right now it’s external speakers and mic. Any suggestions would be great… Need to be Linux friendly of course.

I have a Logitech H600 usb wireless. Works great on both the mic and headphones. Nice and clear plug’n play.

Found this one:

Seems cheap enough!.

I haven't checked out this site:

Definitely need to go wired… They will never keep it charged.



I know where you are coming from man. Been there and done that with mine.

I have a pair of Creative ChatMax HS-420. The sound is “good enough” but they have 3 useful attributes:

Microphone is detachable (so, if it isn’t needed, it needn’t get in the way);
Microphone mute switch and volume slider in a box on the cable;
Two 3.5mm plugs (one for microphone, one for headphones) - no USB.

One cannot argue with that for £13 on Amazon UK!

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thanks @palourie that sounds just like what I need.

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a headset and your propostions seems really good.
But i wasn’t able to see how they are connected.

I’m looking for a all-in-on headset with a single jack connector to plug into my ultrabook.
For example the Creative doesn’t fit in my search.



try this:

You will still have to look for a suitable headset but with an adaptor, you have a far bigger choice!. :smiley:

Thanks, i found that solution later surfing on web vendors. ^^