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So what kind of games are you guys and gals playing these days? What is your preferred genre of games?
Are mobile games legitimate, or lazy man/woman way of being a “gamer?”

Right now I am playing Grandia 3 for the PS2, Diablo 3 for the Xbox360, and Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the GBA. On Linux I am enjoying Champions Of Regnum, Warspear, OpenRA(although I am having a hard time figuring this one out) and Warzone 2100. Ryzom Online is alright. I think if I spent more time in it I would fall for it, but it hasn’t happened yet. I want to give Vendetta Online a go.

For mobile games I play Brave Frontier, Heavenstrike Rivals, Chain Chronicle, Devils and Demons, Swordigo, Pixel Dungeon, Age Of Strategy, and a few others. I play more mobile games because most modern games bore me.

As you can tell the games I lean towards are RPG’s and RTS/Strategy games. Not many would consider Legend Of Zelda an RPG, but I do. It certainly influenced the genre in a big way. I will play any and all RPG’s. From the tactical, to MMO’s. My favorite RPG will always be a toss up between Final Fantasy 7 and Grandia 2.

Okay, now your turn.

I don’t play much on my phone and don’t have a counsel. But on my laptop I play Urban Terror, Team Fortress II, Torchlight II, and a few others…

I just got “This War of Mine” Haven’t played it yet, but i’m really looking forward to getting started.

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I mostly play racers. If anyone has good racing game recommendations for Linux, I’m all ears.

I also like platformers and space/flight combat. Other than Castle Wolfenstien, I’ve never played an FPS. They do nothing for me.

Currently, I am messing around with all the old arcade classics in MAME. When I am not doing that I am test running tablet/mobile games for my lads. They are both on a games design degree.

Racing the sun is fun @Wimpy. It's on Steam...a good time waster. What racers do you play now?

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Anyone with a few spare hours can have a look here at the Linux Game database list (I don’t know if it only lists freeware or not as I haven’t read through it!):

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This site is pretty good. It’s how I found out about OpenRA and Champions Of Regnum.

Very cool. I mess around with emulators from time to time, even though it’s frowned upon.


I used to love Team Fortress 2! I haven’t played an FPS in a long time(thanks to the modern console gaming paradigm) I was thinking about trying Warsow. Any experience with that?

I’m playing Football Manager… The best part is that it works great on Linux :smiley:

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I just tried DOTA 2. So far I don’t mind it. But I feel most MOBA’s(or at least the few that I tried on Android) are just Capture The Flag and King Of The Hill game modes from FPS’s compiled into a game with a simple RPG leveling system added on top. But I will continue to give DOTA 2 a shot.

That’s an outstanding site Wolfman. Thanks.

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Sorry for the necro, but I felt compelled to do a shameless plug for Neverwinter Nights. More then a decade after it’s release, I still enjoy playing it. Also, I’m really looking forward to Sword Coast Legends, the newest in the D&D Computer RPGS to come out, with day 1 Linux release. Unfortunately it’s not until September :frowning:

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I love gaming but with a young family and a novel to finish, I don’t get much time. When I get casual gaming time, it’s usually on my PS3 and I’m a big fan of 3D adventure platforms with historical and archaeology themes such as Tomb Raider, the Unchartered franchise and Assassin’s Creed.

On the PC, I love old school RPGs and RTS games and grew up playing Diablo, Icewind Dale, C&C, Red Alert and Starcraft. I’ve recently bought a ThinkCentre m58p from ebay for $35AUD and will get around to using it as a retro gaming box for my titles and my back catalogue of PC games.