Geany no longer displays underscores

Since the migration to Ubuntu 20.04, Geany no longer displays underscores.

Any fix?

Geany forum has no answer.

I thought this as well back in 18.04 but it was theme related.

As you can see, if you zoom in maximum, they are there; line 1, line 3. Line 2 shows hyphen and line 4 shows the blinking cursor.

Interestingly if you zoom with your mouse in-and-out-and-back certain zoom levels with reveal them more over others.

This is on a 4K screen.

It'd be nice if they were a bit more visible from start up but I've learned to live with this.

Changing Tools > Configuration Files > filetypes.common to include


solved this bug !

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@fixit7 config change had no affect for me, same behavior :disappointed:

Are you using UM 20.04?

Send an email to [email protected] .

They are Geany experts.