Get black screen, lightdm cannot start

Hello there, I've got problem with black screen after splash screen when attempt to login, lightdm cannot be start.
This happen when I've got cut-off power accidently while system upgrade running on progress. (just regularly upgrading the kernel and small other app upgrade).
After I've got power back, after splash screen it stuck on black screen with little underline blinking on top-left corner of screen.

So I try to log in to tty1-teminal. try fixing and resume the last "interrupted" system upgrade, done and reboot. But black screen still there.

Next I'm try to restarting lightdm (I think this cause the problem)
after do "lightdm stop" or "lightdm start" I've got error on screen
"Error can't open /lib/module/"

Are it's this mean the problem from the kernel?
So try to reboot from older kernel and still get black screen/lightdm error

what should I do? I can't work well just with terminal. so I some need help.

Take a look screenshot below hope this can help to figure out the problem