Getting Human & Human-Clearlooks back

How to get traditional Human and Human-Clearlooks themes back into Ubuntu Mate 18.04

Now I am at Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and tweaking themes again. Here are notes on what has been done and how.

Install original Human theme:

# apt install human-theme humanity-icon-theme

You get gtk-2 Human, Human-Clearlooks themes and Humanity icon set.

Download python widget factory for gtk2 & 3 to compare original gtk2 version and your own tweaks to leverage difference.

Prepare basis
Copy /usr/share/themes/TraditionalOk theme folder into ~/.themes

Rename copied folder to <name> and cd into it.

Delete ~/.themes/<name>/metacity-1 folder.

Copy /usr/share/themes/human/metacity-1 folder into ~/.themes/<name> folder.

Edit ./metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml to substitute TraditionalOk name occurence with <name>.

Edit ~/.themes/<name>/index.theme

  • substitute TraditionalOk name occurances with
  • set IconTheme to 'Humanity'
  • set CursorTheme to 'default'

Migrate <source>, i.e. Human or Human-Clearlooks GTK2 settings
Open /usr/share/themes/<source>/gtk-2.0/gtkrs and ~/.themes/<name>/gtk-2.0/gtkrs and ~/.themes/<name>/gtk-3.0/settings.ini side by side

Copy 'gtk-color-scheme' color values from source gtkrc file to targets.

Open ./gtk-3.0/gtk.css

  • fill obvious color definitions in 'color scheme' section with gtk2 color values
  • replace 'core_color_a' value with of 'theme_selected_bg_color' value
  • replace 'core_color_b' value with of 'theme_bg_color' value

Open ./gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css, search for 'rgba' and alter rgb triplets by swapping 'r' and 'b' colors.

Open ./gtk-3.0/img directory and adjust colours in 'border-focused*.svg' files.

Optional tweaks (do not forget to change colors in all files mentioned above)

  • window background is too bright:
    theme_base_color #ffffff -> #EDE4DC

*selection bar color could be less bright
theme_selected_bg_color #8F5F4A -> #C79C89

  • scroll bar is too bright
    core_color_a #a4c2e8 -> #C79C89

  • I like rounded scrollbars...
    open ./gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css
    find 'scrollbar slider' around line #2370 and change parameter 'border-radius: 0;' -> 'border-radius: 20px;'

You can get revised Human & Human-Clearlooks themes here: