Gnome-disks oddity or error after running GParted?

My PC has a 500GB HDD with a large space unallocated.
The only primary partition is /boot, and the rest is set as extended.

I open gnome-disks & it shows all my partitions correctly, but since I wanted to check for some options vs. GParted, I also opened that.

Switching back to gnome-disks - all it then shows is the single primary partition & it has no way to make it re-scan or refresh the view, so... I then tried partprobe with & without the -s, which had no visible effect on gnome-disks. (I have noticed this behaviour previously & found that it was annoying, but meaningless as it could be corrected by re-booting...which seems excessive to me.)

My 1st query:
Is there some way to make the OS (Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 & kernel 5.4.6) 'see' and update what gnome-disks has for partitions listed WITHOUT having to re-boot ??

My 2nd query:
After fiddling around with reboots & such I did make another extended exfat partition for data storage only - which seems to be permanently assigned to root as owner no matter what I do with CHOWN or CHROOT - is there another command that will overpower that owner assignment, please ??

Thanks for any helpful pointers.

PS: I have searched generally & here specifically without finding any documentation which helps with this

Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions, but I can confirm the gnome-disks behavior that you describe.

As you say, when first executed gnome-disks shows accurate partition information and when it is run after using and exiting gparted(which always shows correct partitions,) gnome-disks indicates that the disk contains corruption, and its partition display is completely wrong. My disk is fine, BTW.

Per your 2nd query, how did you determine that the exfat partition is owned by root?

Thanks Very Much for your reply Fluxit !!
Glad to hear that the strangeness has been seen by someone besides myself.

As to ownership, just checked via Caja context menu=> perms, then re-opening as admin they cannot be changed, nor via those commands & sudo either, which all strikes me as very odd.

This gets even stranger...
Since I posted the other reply I had re-checked it once or twice (no reboot in-between) and it was still missing the info.
Earlier today I needed to use it for something else - opened it - all the info is back as it should be !!
How strange is that ?!?