GNUPG developer going broke

Found this article in my G+ stream and thought that it was quite interesting. Figured all of you might be interested in reading it as well.


does not say anything like that on

Actually, they do mention it down in the news section.

Due to this ProPublica article we received more than 120,000 € of
individual donations on a single day. There was even more: The Core
Infrastructure Initiative granted 60,000 $ for 2015. Our payment
service Stripe and Facebook will each give 50,000 $ to the project.
And finally the Wau Holland Stiftung is collecting tax deductible
funds for GnuPG (19000 € plus 57 BTC).

As the main author of GnuPG, I like to thank everyone for supporting
the project, be it small or large individual donations, helping users,
providing corporate sponsorship, working on the software, and for all
the encouraging words.

GnuPG does not stand alone: there are many other projects, often
unknown to most people, which are essential to keep the free Internet
running. Many of them are run by volunteers who spend a lot of unpaid
time on them. They need our support as well.

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