Google Earth won't work

Google Earth as installed from the Software Boutique won't work. It runs for a minute or two then crashes back to the desktop 99.5% of the time... almost always when I'm zooming in. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. Nothing helps. Oh, I've got MATE 20.10 or whatever the newest version is. I started with 19.04 and G.E. didn't work any better with it. Anyway, after G.E. crashes a few times, it detects the crashes and suggests a few thing to try, none of which helped.
Google Earth ran just fine for hours and hours without a single issue when my exact same computer with the exact same hardware was running Windows 7... so the hardware is OK, at least with Windows. If I had to guess, I'd guess the problem might be my video card... an Nvida GTX-275. Yeah, that's old. My computer was built in 2010. Anyway, this really bugs me. I enjoy playing with G.E. and now I can't. Any thoughts... other than switching to Windows 10 (just kidding... kinda).

Hi. - I don't think that this will help much, but I have been successfully running GoogleEarthPro on UM 20.04. Maybe the characteristics in the image below can offer a clue to a difference worth pursuing. My graphics card is a 740 and my machine is an aging i5 based one. Good luck.


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I confirm as well that the GE-Pro downloaded directly from Google Earth site works very well on my laptop with meagre specs.