Google search by Voice

Hello everyone, Is there any way for me to get Google search by voice working with Ubuntu, this is a feature I really like with Windows and would like to use it with Ubuntu, I found this post but there no
“Enable: OK Google” to start a voice search option in my Chrome settings. I found this link but it’s not really helpful. Thanks for any help on this

That works in Chrome, I assume your looking for something akin to Cortana? There is a project being worked on called Mycroft. However, there currently isn’t a simple solution to it as of yet.
If your willing to get your hands dirty you could get the source from Github.

I’m aware it works in Chrome but it’s not working in Ubuntu Chrome at least not by default

The ‘OK Google’ voice command search feature is no longer available as of release Chrome 46 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Ok thanks for the heads up on this one, It still working on Windows 10