GPU Compositors missing...16.04

In Mate Tweak the window manager drop down is missing the (Compton GPU compositor) and Marco (Compton GPU compositor).

The only choices available are Marco (Software compositor) or Marco (No compositor).

Also noticed that the (Displays) tab does not detect any monitor and the (Nvidia Server Settings) tab does not launch.

This occurred after installation of the proprietary Nvidia driver from ppa which is in fact the only driver that stabilizes my system.

Any clues how to get these issues resolved?
Can these compositors be reinstalled from ppa?
How to get monitor detected and the Nvidia settings tool to work?

Any insight in to what might be going on is greatly appreciated.

Wow 23 hours later and no replies, seems like no one wants to touch this one. Looks like I’ll be figuring this one out on my own.

Actually did come across something on the Solus forum where Ikey Doherty addressed this Mate Windows Manager problem himself.
Worth a re-read…

Still entertaining any insight from this forum as to what might be going. If no ideas…all cool.

See here:

Thanks Apollonius, a lot of good trouble shooting ideas on that thread…I really appreciate it,. Don’t know how I missed that one…maybe didn’t query right…

Live session does the same as the full install. The display is detected and all compositors are available when running the nouveau driver.

After installing the proprietary Nvidia driver only Marco software compositor is available. Also display is not detected nor does the Nvidia x server settings tool work. System is stable however no crashes, freezes etc… under the Nvidia proprietary driver.

All compositors were available in 17.10 using this same driver so I know it can work. Any other clues as to what might be going on?