Gramps not showing in menu after installation

After installing Gramps via the software center, I can not find any item in the applications menu to get it runnung.
How can I manually add it to the applications menu?
I don’t like to start it via the terminal all the time.

Assuming the command you use to start it from the terminal is "gramps":

Go to your menu and right click it. You will be given the option to edit the menu.

Click on one of the menu main categories and/or sub-categories on the left hand side. Then click on the "new item" button

Type "gramps" in the command field (without the quotes)

Type what you want in the name and comment fields

Press OK

You should now see the item appear on the right hand side of the menu editing box. You can now close the menu editing box.

That's it. You should find it in your menu now


Many thanks for this clear explenation, I didn’t know it was that easy.
Problems solved, and now I can finetune my menu thanks to your help.


You are welcome S… :smiley: