Great report about microsoft monopoly in Europe



this is really a great film about the monopol of microsoft software in Europe and how hard it is for open source.

enjoy it, it’s worth seeing.

About Microsoft wanting to buy GitHub

Seems kinda short to me. :wink:

I see what you’re doing, fixing it behind my back, :wink:


It’s typically a case where i don’t know if i should like your post or not as it’s very scary :wink:

Thanks to open my eyes even more.



See also:

A - FLOSS in Europe (FLOSS = Free Libre Open Source Software)[0]=collection_type%3Anews

B - The French governments reference website (in french)

C - The official list of FLOSS software recommended in 2018 by the French government for use in the public administration (PDF, 4 pages, full of interesting software that you may, or may not, already know about - really worth a look):

I hope some of you will find these sources to be of use. :slight_smile: :penguin: