GTK Python apps?

So as I have remarked before I have been learning Python to help out with Ubuntu MATE. I recently got a certificate for a Python course though I admit I pretty much bluffed my way through the last part (the instruction wasn't that good at the end though ) and don't feel like I really "know" Python. ANYWAYS wondering if anyone knew of any GTK apps written in Python that perhaps were no longer developed but written in Python 3 and GTK3, preferably pretty simple please let me know. (I do have some other python and gtk stuff, but most of its written in either gtk2 or python2 or both and that makes rather slow going as I never knew python2 and have no familiarity with gtk2. Also if anyone knows python and gtk and wants to look at what I have done let me know I just don't want to put it on github yet as I think its bit of a mess )


May be that search can provide some hints and turn out useful for you?

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I also found a list of python3 GTK applications here: