"guest-rhafke" in /media/

This is probably just advertising my ignorance, but this /media/guest-rafke comes up on my filing system. I am pretty sure I have not configured anyhting of that name. It is locked, so I open it with admin privileges and it is empty. I can delete it and nothing bad appears to result. It comes alongside /media/rob/ wherein my normally mounted media appears. Mr Google does not help me, but maybe I am searching too specifically.
Help anyone?

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Interesting. If you log in as a guest session, it creates a very similar looking directory:


That pe5md4 is a random token value I’m sure. Maybe a guest session had some media mounted? I’m not up on the guest session, perhaps someone knows much much more.

That guess looks spot-on.

I've just experimented on my laptop that's also my network AP. I've connected to it through SSH for the following commands:

ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ lsblk | grep sdb
sdb      8:16   1   7,5G  0 disk 
└─sdb1   8:17   1   7,5G  0 part /media/guest-repupo/TRANSMAT
ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ lsblk | grep sdb
ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ ls /home
duck  lost+found  ouroumov  ov 
ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ ls /media/
duck  guest-repupo  ouroumov  ov
ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ ls /media/
duck  ouroumov  ov
ov@Edge:~/Desktop$ ls /media/
duck  ouroumov  ov

First lsblk was in guest session with USB key plugged in.
Second was after unplugging.
First ls /media was while still logged in guest.
Second was after guest session logout.
Third after logging back into my normal user.

My guess is, the /media/guest-random was not properly deleted due to a bug or whatnot.


We're thinking alike. Including logging off a guest session with media mounted. Good try.

@robwlakes, It probably isn't hurting anything being there but I can't imagine deleting it as root should cause any issues as long as the guest session is gone from using it.

When you say it comes up on your "filing system" do you mean it's listed in Caja's left "Places" pane as a mounted device or do you mean only in the listing when you navigate to /media?

Ah no, only visible when I navigated to /media/, it did no appear anywhere else. It has not returned. I think I tried a guest session when I changed from “Login with Password” to “Autologin” by clicking in the option in profile editor. This caused the OS to go into the Login/Boot loop and I could not login using the GUI system. I eventually had to get up a terminal CTRL-ALT-F2 window and login using the CLI. So it probably occured with that “little experiment” :frowning: