Happy New Year to my MATE buddies


Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und ich wünsche Dir, dass es noch besser wird als das alte war.

Have a good slide into the new year and I wish it will be better than the old one.


Yay HNY :confetti_ball:


Frohes Neues! :smiley::tada::confetti_ball:

Hoping Librem 5, eelo or/and new devices to Ubuntu Touch will be a success!:iphone:

Ubuntu MATE stays as cool as now or become even greater! :ubuntu_mate:

Happy New Year to All!

Mickey :blush:


Feliz Ano Novo!!!


Have a great 2019 all :grinning:


Feliz año 2019 … Os deseo lo mejor…


I’m a bit late I guess…
Happy new year to everyone… :slightly_smiling_face::partying_face: