Have I messed something up?

Hi all.

I went to 21.10 recently but no updates today.

Have I broke something or is it quite normal.


If you mean that you upgraded to 21.10, say, yesterday, and there are no updates to the distribution today: No, you probably haven't messed something up; this is fairly normal. Oftentimes, it takes a "breather" of a few days before a new distribution release gets any updates, probably partly because everybody involved in the release over the past 6 months passed out on the couch while partying on the 14th. :grin: Another reason is that you can't expect updates to come every single day consistently; I mean, I don't even update my rolling release-based distributions that often!

With that said, if there are no updates in the next week, then you can get suspicious.


Ditto. I only update once per week with Manjaro. Even on Manjaro which is a rolling release, there are some days there are NO updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your responses.