Have to reconnect mobile broadband many times to establish internet

I am using Huawei E256 Model HSPA Stick in Ubuntu Mate 15.10. But i have to keep on disconnecting and reconnecting the internet from the notification area 5-6 times to start browsing. Every time i get a message ‘Connection Established’, but it doesn’t send or receive any data. By the way, the stick works perfectly in Windows, and it works without reconnecting.

What could be the reason?


this might help even though it is a tad old!:

I installed that **** tool provided by Huawei, it ruined my machine, all my usb modems can’t be detected at all, i restored my machine from old backup. For now, I will be patient with the current situation, 5 or six tries to connect is not bad, what is important is that the modem is detected and it is connected to internet after those many tries.

Do you mean this tool?, it is nearly 4 years old and I did tell you the thread was old!:

Did you check Launchpad for bugs?:


In the fact i used all my usb modem in ubuntu 15.04 without problems and it worked perfectly, but since installing 15.10 i started to face this problem, so i think i don’t need to install another tool to get my usb modem working fine, and this is clearly problem related to ubuntu 15.10.