Havent Received My Download File 18.04

Hi there, I tried downloading ubuntu mate a week or two ago and was prompted to Donate in order for me to download the software, I did go through with the process but still haven't received the download link as yet. Can you please advise on how I go about this.


Hi @clearcut, The entire Ubuntu-Mate community thanks you for the donation but we're sorry if it appeared necessary. It is not.

Here is the 18.04 download page. When "Direct Download" is clicked 2 things should happen:

  1. The file download initiates and your browser typically asks what to do with it. This starts the file download (no donation needed).
  2. A page comes up mentioning a download tip, download verify instructions and other help.

I hope you didn't end up in a different location. Do you get the download dialog? Mine looks like this:

Thank you for your quick response, I myself don't actually see this as an obligation but a contribution to the Ubuntu-mate community as I believe that you guy are doing an awesome job. So I tried again a few minutes ago and it still redirected to the donations page but when I right click and open in new tab that's when that dialogue appears. I am not sure why i didn't think of this earlier lol. I think there might be a problem with the direct clicking area / code which is not being detected. I had tried this on windows and then in linux mint as well as kubuntu.

All the same thanks again for helping me to resolve the issue.


Thanks for clarifying! I don't use a lot of browsers to know all the possibilities but one that comes to mind is by default the ISO file is being downloaded in the background somewhere which could take many minutes. Notice my dialog option allows me to permanently set to open it with Engrampa automatically which would not be a good choice. Hope this helps.

EDIT: I see in Firefox the "Direct Download" link can be right-clicked then "Save Link As...".

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Here the direct download link for 20.04 if anyone is interested.


I personally would download version 20.04 over ver 18.04 as it has a longer shelf life. :smiley:

For ver 18.04 direct download:



Yes I think that is what my issue was, I was in firefox but am quite sure I used chrome at one time :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason why I chose 18.04 is that I have AMD Radeon RX590 and apparently AMD hasn't built support for 20.04 yet. My aim is to be able to run programs like Da Vinci Resolve without having to use playonlinux.

I did however find a workaround for this by using amdgpu-pro-install --opencl=legacy which seems to work quite fine. I will definitely try 20.04 in the near future.

Thanks for the support

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Hi clearcut,

some info about installing Radeon drivers in 20.04:


And for anyone interested in AMD drivers for Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 driver package). :grinning:


See also:


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For Ubuntu 20.04 I also found the following links very helpful in installing open-cl for my AMD GPU :

AMD ROCm Quick-start Guide:


Or alternatively you can choose to have a minimal install of ROCm, this is a youtube video I found while researching. The tutorial is for 18.04 and 19.10 but was helpful for 20.04 as well :

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Regarding the download page, it has been updated to show a "retry" link if the download didn't start the first time.

Apologies this wasn't added sooner. The downloads were never designed to be hiding behind a paywall - it is just an optional tip in the piggy jar. :money_with_wings:

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