Hello Ubuntu Mate community!

I am not sure if we have a welcome thread or something like that, so I will prove that I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on my laptop and say hello and thanks to the community for a great release with a simple screenshot.

I will just paste my comment from the Ubuntu Mate G+ community about 16.04.

Now I recently installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on a workhorse and I am really impressed. It is the best desktop on Ubuntu and the best release of any of the *buntus. I was never into Unity and not much a friend of Gnome 3 either, especially not on ancient hardware I prefer to use

Ok, I encountered some problems with the weird network manager in 16.04, coming from Debian and still used to wicd but other than that it is nice looking, modern but traditional (my way) and very stable.

You can call it LTS for sure. No other Mate desktop is configured just this right by default like it is on Ubuntu Mate. I say this as an avid Debian DIY netinstall user.

I did not change much, just the theme and put Plank on the bottom, I am not even that into docks and enabled Compiz, that works out of the box. Something I missed in Debian since 2011 or so.
Pretty much default, that says a lot. It really makes me remember the great times of the Meerkats and Lynxes or whatever it was called back then.

I think it was about time to join here, not only because I use Mate since more or less from the start when it was not even officially in the Debian repos but also because I installed Ubuntu Mate on two machines in my household. One install dates back to 14.04. Just upgraded recently on my fiance's desktop. She was also the first to use Ubuntu Mate. I only used Mate on Debian sid.


Welcome! Yes we do have an intro thread

I’m relatively new to MATE, but not to computing … I found the Welcome Screen a nice way to introduce myself to MATE desktop. It might be a really quick read for you since you already know MATE, but there might be a few nuggets about Ubuntu MATE for you to digest!


Oh, thanks. I missed that. It is more of a large thread than separated. No matter.

Believe me, I never read Welcome Screens, I mean I come from the Debian world, there is none. :slight_smile: But this time I looked at it and even installed Chrome from there rather than going to Chrome’s website and it worked beautifully. It is a really nice tool and especially for newcomers though I am a terminal guy. I maintain my whole system from the console, just used to it.


I know exactly what you mean … I almost never read Welcome Screens - why should I since I had done prior research.

But seemingly there was always and answer posted on this forum referencing the welcome screen and I noticed when updating my software via terminal that the Welcome screen was being updated!

I find that I’m really a hybrid maintainer - whichever method or tool [GUI or CLI] suits me ATM I use.