Help in the Ubuntu Mate installation, on a UEFI board

Hello guys.

I’m trying to install Ubuntu mate on my Lenovo z50-70 laptop. I already have another linux distribution (Manjaro), and I do not have Windows on my pc. However, I haven’t been able to creat an U. Mate’s USB iso that can be recognized in my UEFI Bios. I need your help, because I want to repaclace Manjaro, and leave my laptop only with Ubuntu Mate.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me guys!

Hello vmartinezarias,

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate 15.04 on a Dell Inspiron Micro desktop. It was my first experience dealing with UEFI, secure boot etc. As I recall I simply turned off secure boot in BIOS. A security risk? Perhaps but a heck of a lot less than running Windoze. You might want to try that approach. Once Ubuntu is installed try turning secure boot back on if you want. If it works - great. If not turn it off again.

As I think about this more… I use Clonezilla to image my systems. One version - Ubuntu based as I recall - supported UEFI. The older one - isolinux? - did not. And I seem to recall that older versions of Ubuntu did NOT support secure boot. What version are you trying to install? Is your issue with creating the bootable USB flash drive or booting from it?