HELP! Neither Ubuntu nor w10 accepting password


I have a serious problem on a day a desperately need my rig. I cannot log into neuter w10 nor UM 16.04.1 (dual boot). It seems also as if the Maschine did not shut down properly yesterday.

Here is what I observe:
UM: password after booting no recognised
Attempt to change password via recovery mode failed. It says authentication token manipulation error
Booting via USB life works. Proves that keyboard ok
But can’t access w10 partitions saying were in hibernation

Now on w10
Password is not accepted
It does not shut down. HD is working and working and working.

Any ideas?

I would be really grateful.

In the meantime I have mounted partitions in a life session read only. So I can recover my data.

Still the old problem persists.


I had a bad experience of dual booting W7 (Enterprise) and Ubuntu. I now prefer bare-metal and virtualised setups.

I know this doesn’t help you with your current problem. But once you’ve fixed the current disaster you’ll be thinking of how to avoid it happening again…?

Good luck.

That's because in recovery mode, partitions are mounted read-only.
From the root shell, you have to remount read-write before using passwd.

mount -o remount,rw /

So I'm no windows expert, but I know when under W10 you say "poweroff", Windows basically goes "Oh, ok, I'll hibernate".
The way to fix that is to issue:

shutdown /s /t 0

from the cmd.exe prompt, but since you can't login, I'm not sure how you'd do that.
Does W10 have a recovery mode?


for those who are interested. My dual boot w10/UM laptop did not allow my to log in to both OSses. Testing the keyboard and me tying the password with a live system showed that all is correct.

I could not properly shut down W10. Or at least it did not in a reasonable amount of time. The HDD was working like hell. I always switched it of pushing the power button. Why? Because I am afraid I could have caught a ransom virus. (Unlikely, but anyways).

I moved with the laptop into another room closing it temporarily - and I could afterwards log on to UM again.

The W10 partitions are still in a state of hibernation, so I can mount them only ro from UM.
For the time being (loads of work today) this is good enough for me.

Tomorrow night I will boot W10 again and give it as much time as it wants to shut down. Guess this will solve the issue.

Has anyone an idea what happened?

All is back to normal after I booted w10 (took ages) and properly closed it.