[HELP] Uninstalling Softwares

How to uninstall any software in latest Ubuntu mate. I am new to mate desktop. Any GUI?


It will be better if you will use terminal, because of usability. For installing some software through terminal just write:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install "name of programm"
without "

If it’s via the Software Boutique, there is a red bin icon to uninstall.

Aside from the Boutique, there is no default “Software Centre” or “Package Manager” GUIs. You can pick one of your choice from the “More Apps” section of the Software Boutique.

Or, as @n0mad suggests, you can quickly uninstall packages from the terminal:

sudo apt remove [package name]

Oh, sorry. I read “how to install”.

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i want to remove transmission… then should I write … " sudo apt remove transmission" ?

Almost, in your case, the package for Transmission is transmission-gtk. When you run it, it will say something like:

These packages will be removed:
transmission-gtk ubuntu-mate-desktop

It's OK for ubuntu-mate-desktop to say it's going to be uninstalled, as it's a default application you're removing.