Help with icon sizing in the Indicator Applet?

I'm on Ubuntu Server 20.04 with a MATE Desktop environment. I like a small panel (16px height) with icons taking it up. The icons in the Indicator Applet appear to be tiny. Other panel icons and widgets scale correctly, but the indicator applet has these tiny little icons.

I found an article saying to create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and to add the following:

.mate-panel-menu-bar menuitem {
        padding: 0 0px;
        margin: 0 0px;

That made the icons closer, but didn't size them. How can I get the icons to be a reasonable size?

I would use the properties of the panels to increase the size, and then increase margin/padding if needed.

Same issue for me, indicator do not scale and do not ajust properly the icon size according to the panel size. Tiny and nearly invisible icons like dots when reducing to 17 or less. No comment when you make transparent panel.

The goal is to have the panel be 16px and have the icons fill the space like regular panel icons do.

Here's some scaling pictures

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