Help with printer

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Mate 1.26.0
Printer: HP LaserJet 4300 C102DE, on my LAN

Printer has been working fine until this morning.
Today when I try to print to it, I get a message "Rejecting Jobs".

The printer is Working fine. I can print from a Windows machine on the same LAN.
The only way I can print right now is to 'print to file' , and use TeamViewer to send the file to the Windows machine.

Since you have a network printer, I would suggest removing the printer from 22.04 and then let it find it and add it again. I assume you're not running any firewall blocking access to the printer. Since both pc are on the same LAN, there is no reason for ubuntu 22.04 not to print.


That did it.
Thank you very much!