How can I add an app to the Cupertino panel?

Sorry if this question is silly. I've googled around for an answer, and I just can't find anything relevant, so I thought I might ask here.

I recently switched to Ubuntu Mate. I've used Mate in the past, on Linux Mint, and am a longtime LInux user (since '09). I like Ubuntu Mate and think I'll stick with it for a while. I settled on the Cupertino panel layout, and I'm happy with it except ... is there a way to make changes to the panel? Specifically, I want to add an app to it, as you can do with other panel layouts, but right-clicking doesn't seem to give me any options.

Am I missing something? Or is the panel just locked down and can't be modified?

Thanks. Again, sorry if this is silly.

You can modify the panel. However in it's current set-up the AppMenu is located in a position too close to the Ubuntu MATE icon to be able to right click on the panel and get the options to add to panel.

I'll bring this to the attention of the team. However in the mean time you can perform a work-around.

  • Click on the vertical 3 Dots on the panel between the Ubuntu MATE Icon and Dekstop Menu.
  • Un-check "Lock To Panel" and click on move and move the AppMenu ,just a little, and you will be able to then right click on the panel and add items.


thank you, this is awesome.


Wish I'd found this last night during hours of googling for a related issue! The quick trick I blundered into, is to simply open some space in the panel that's to the right of the left-most item. One way to do that is simply drag something to the panel and move it to the left if needed, to open up a space. Then you can right-click to get the familiar Panel Properties options. The 3 dots method would've saved much frustration, but at least anyone who finds this useful fix from Franksmcb now has another method. Until just now, I had no idea others have been bumping into this overall issue. Anyway, thanks. :slight_smile: