How can I be proficient Ubuntu MATE user?

…just installed Mate as a VM in VMwareplayer and wants to know how to become a proficient user, step-by-step.
No Linux experience. What would you suggest or recommend? Thanx a lot!

Use it daily. If you don’t understand something, google it. If you still don’t understand something, this forum may help you.

I can tell you what I’ve been doing for quite some time and I’ve learned a lot (I’m not even close to proficient user yet, but I’m doing progress).

  1. It helps a lot participating in the fora. Try to read as much questions from this community and answer as many of them (or read the other’s answers). Do that also for At askubuntu you can sort the question with higher votes priority and with frequency priority, so read those and you will learn a lot. Search for how to do specific tasks at the internet and don’t be afraid to ask the communities.
  2. Subscribe to some linux youtube channels if you want to discover new things in a pleasant way (I can recommend you a few if you like).
  3. Keep reading stuff at and in order to get some more wide linux knowledge (be careful when reading comments, because some people have no idea what they are talking about).

Most knowledge will come with experience. If you want more depth, maybe you should find some linux book and maybe attend to some linux seminar.

Use UM for your daily tasks as much as possible

As everybody says: use it as much as possible. And ...

if you've got a problem and google doesn't help, you can always ask .... the community

Just had to ad an A-Team reference here :wink:

Just some steps to do:

  1. Open Mate Welcome and start with Getting Started. This will guide you through the updates and more
  2. Look on youtube for some nice and simple tutorials, this is a good one:
  3. Just use Google, this community or even the IRC if you got questions

Using the IRC is actually quite simple, just start Hexchat and connect to the Ubuntu Servers (Freenode). When you get the window to join a channel change it to #ubuntu-mate. On the IRC are almost the same people as here :wink:

That would be welcome!

You could try a Linux course of the Linux Foundation at edX.