How can I boot up w/3 term sessions (2 of em ssh'd to ISPs)

I'm running Ubuntu-MATE 1804.4. I'd like to be able to use "Startup Applications" (or any other convenient method) to have 3 open term sessions when I boot up.

I've done this before, but don't remember exactly how. (Also, some of the commands I used for this in older MATE versions don't work anymore).

One term session would simply be open to my own machine's shell prompt. The command to put in "Startup Applications" for this is simple:

/usr/bin/mate-terminal title=<user@localbox> geometry=205x65+0+28

(The "+0+28" part of the geometry setting, however, has no actual effect on the placement of the term window for me right now, I don't know why.)

The other 2 term windows would be, upon boot-up, showing me the prompt of my ISP 1 (in one term-window) and ISP 2 (in a 2nd term window) that I have ssh'd into.

As I recall, what I did previously in "Startup Applications" was, I had to name them something like "blah.desktop", "blah.desktop.desktop" and "blah.desktop.desktop.deskotp" to distinguish them from each other, as they all started with the command /usr/bin/mate-terminal

Does anyone know what the command-strings one would put in the command-boxes of 3 separate "Startup Applications" entries (and the naming convention one would use for the 3 entries)?


mate-terminal --geometry=80x40+200+50
(COLSxROWS+X+Y) where X,Y offset from top left.

For remote, add -e flag, eg. mate-terminal -e "ssh user@remote"

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Thanks. I used mate-terminal --geometry=205x65+0+28 in the "Startup Applications Preferences" to have just an open term window upon login (I like a large term / shell window).

Then I made a separate entry in startup apps of mate-terminal --title=user@remotehost1 -e "ssh user@remotehost1" --geometry=205x65+0+28 for an SSH window to remote host #1.

Then a third startup-apps entry mate-terminal --title=user@remotehost2 -e "ssh user@remotehost2" --geometry=205x65+0+28 for an SSH window to a 2nd remote host.

These have to be named a certain way or only one of them will show up. The naming was:

mate-terminal.desktop for the first one above;
mate-terminal.desktop.desktop for the second; and
mate-terminal.desktop.desktop for the third.

Something else you could do ­— If you install terminator you can create a terminal instance with multiple shells in the same parent window. Even better you can assign each shell their own commands to execute. So you don't even have to script it so long you define to use the profile which will launch your instance of Terminator with the commands and layout you defined.

Of course if you cannot install additional software then this point is moot, so this advice is still great for people who are limited in what they can do but if one isn't then alternatives are available rather than working around the software provided.

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