How can I create a new Discourse topic tag?

I would like to “choose optional tags” for my topics. When I type a
word like “t”, a selection of existing tags appears. When I type “tag”, a message “no matches found” appears.

How can I add a new tag to my Discourse topic?
Is it perhaps limited to users with a certain Discourse trust score?

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I believe only administrators or moderators can create new tags.

Which one do you want to create or are you missing?

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@orschiro is right, it’s the moderators who can create tags. Otherwise it gets out of hand easily, duplicates happen and it defeats the point of organising topics. :slight_smile:

What tags were you thinking?

OK, that’s fine. I was thinking of using tags as in Wordpress, where you provide them as keywords to help people search for your posts. For example, for a recent post I would have chosen “Stellarium”, “OpenGL” and “Ubuntu Mate 16.04”. I will just try and make the post title do that work.

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I think it’s a great idea although WordPress is one of the worst implementation of tags I have seen.

The best by far are the Stack Exchange communities.

I think that we get to the best tags over time itself.

For now, there might be still too little content to meaningfully group topics around tags.