How can I get rid of this lock screen after resume from suspend?

Hi all,

Sometimes I get to see the following lock screen before seeing the actual MATE lock screen. It only happens on resume from suspend and not always.

I am sure it's a user error and not a bug.

But does anyone have an idea why this second lock screen is triggered? Which package includes this lock screen so I can remove it?


I guess it is something in "screen saver", you should disable lock screen.
Below a picture (french)

or Maybe try in LightDM GTK setting > System setting.


Thank you!

I found and will try the screensaver option.

Regarding the LightDM setting, I am not sure what exactly to change.

Can you advise me, please?

welcome !

This is more about appearance and position ... I haven't played much, sorry orschiro
found some stuff on the forum
wish it will help

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