How can I remove Grub Menu

I tried to set up my UM 16.04 installation to boot without going through a Grub menu. If I ever wanted to boot a different hard drive, I would simply select it using the bios menu. So I installed 16.04 with no other hard disks attached. Once installed I re-attached my other drives. All worked fine until the first UM update. After the update and mandatory reboot, I am now presented with a Grub menu.

My current configuration is as follows:
sda: XFS, non boot
sdb: Ext4, Ubuntu Mate 16.04
sdc: Ext4, non boot
sdd: Ext4, Ubuntu 12.04

Is a grub really needed. How can I safely remove the grub?

Hi @jaybo,

I don't think you can run a PC without some sort of boot loader?.

Why don't you just repeat the steps that you started off with as Grub doesn't update that often and you can stop it updating by using "Lock Version" in Synaptic:

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Everytime a new kernel is installed, the system runs update-grub. When that happens, it scans all disks for other operating systems, and rebuilds the menu. If you don’t want grub to scan for other operating systems, you can disable the os-prober from operating.

To do that, run these two commands:

sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober
sudo update-grub

then the other OSes listed on the grub menu will disappear.


@jaybo Answering your two questions directly…

Is a grub really needed?

No grub per se isn’t required, but a mechanism [a boot loader] to boot a PC is required.

On first power up the computer firmware [both bios and uefi are firmware] has only sufficient instructions to access a more complete instruction set. This more complete set of instructions is stored in what is termed Master Boot Recored [MBR]. At this point the computers Central Processing Unit [CPU] is able to “do it’s thing” - reading the Operating System [OS] - a complete instruction set handling all the components of the computer.

How can I safely remove the grub?

One needs to find and install an effective grub replacement - many listed.

I suggest following either @wolfman or @Spyder suggestions … configure grub to your liking.

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Worked perfectly. Thanks.

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