How can I see the software list?

Hi everyone. I'm trying to decide to move to UM from LinuxMint.
I ran the live edition but I can't see a list of software available (19.10)
Is there a way I can see that? Can I test run UM from a USB drive as my decision will affect 4 computers( for now), I work in an education center.

Hello, welcome to Ubuntu MATE! If you want to get a list of software (I assume packages) you can install the synaptic package manager with sudo apt install synaptic in a terminal which has a bunch of filters to find installed or not installed software. There also is the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique, but it is limited and only shows popular desktop applications.

As for running UM from a USB, it really isn't recommended but you can test out Ubuntu MATE in a virtual machine host such as Virtualbox, VMware, GNOME boxes, and many many more!


You can test run Ubuntu MATE from the live USB. You can also do a full install onto a USB drive in order to get an idea if you will like it.

The Software Boutique is a group of curated software for Ubuntu MATE. You can install synaptic or Software from the More Software section of the Software Boutique.

Coming from Linux Mint you will find that almost all of the same software will be available, besides the Linux Mint specific applications. You may find Software to be similar to your experiences on Linux Mint.

Thanks! I look forward to trying synaptic.