How do I change the time to 24 hours?

I'd like to change the time format on the top right in the panel. I googled it and all the answers I found didn't work. Is there a way to do it?

Hi @Banana,

what's wrong with this solution ? Simply install dconf-editor and follow the instructions.

Good luck

I installed it, but not quiet sure what to do next. I had seen that solution but I've no idea what to do after the installation.
Sorry, I know this is a dumb question.

Well, open dconf-editor. It shows some hierarchical settings structure. Just navigate to com/canonical/indicator/datetime/time-format entry.

Got it, thanks for your help!

I have a small problem with my clock also, the time and date appears side ways , and is because I place my panel on the left side , I downloaded " dconf " and it takes me to / custom-time -format , which is where I want to be and I learn that by placing %n between the string steps, you can make the entries appear on top of each other to accommodate for a panel place horizontal , but first I have to turn the font right side up , any suggestions as tohow can I do that

Hi @jarp53,

already answered you here. Could you please be more specific about what are you trying to implement?

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is ok you already answer it for me thank you very much :triumph:

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