How do I configure mouse gestures for Mate Panel?

Hi there, I’m a huge Ubuntu and UM fan but I only joined this community today. I’m a long time user of Ubuntu (circa 2005), though!

Please do not mind if this is in the wrong section, I’m learning my way around here.

So, here’s what I want to do with my mate panel. You know what happens when you middle click on the title bar of a window? It “hides” the window.

I want to configure a similar mouse gesture, but on the window’s selector in the taskbar (window selector/list?). I want to close the window when I middle-click on the window’s taksbar selector. Why do I want to do this, you may ask. The reason is that I also have a Windows laptop that has a tool called “7+ taskbar tweaker” that lets me do the same thing and I’ve just gotten used to it very much.

If this can be done as an end-user, then I’ll be happy as hell. If not, please point me to the source code and some compilation instructions so I may code and configure this myself.

Thanks a bunch!

Yeah, I don’t think this is implemented in the standard taskbar.
The source code is hosted at
Happy hacking :]

Thank you. Would you mind pointing me to the file(s) that handle mouse
gestures? I looked in the repo but ended up slightly confused.