How do I list the Snaps available in terminal?

How do I list to screen the Snaps available? [terminal]

Hi @xaire :slight_smile:

Im not sure i understand good your question, but, to list installed snaps on your machine :

└──╼ $snap list
Name                             Version                Rev   Tracking         Publisher           Notes
core                             16-            9804  latest/stable    canonical✓          core
core18                           20200724               1885  latest/stable    canonical✓          base
pulsemixer                       1.5.1                  283   latest/stable/…  georgefilipkin      -
slack                            4.8.0                  27    latest/stable    slack✓              classic
software-boutique                0+git.f633ffb          54    latest/stable/…  flexiondotorg       classic
ubuntu-mate-welcome              20.04.0-8942ba3b       539   latest/stable/…  flexiondotorg       classic
wps-office                         1     latest/stable    liuyang8            -
wps-office-all-lang-no-internet            1     latest/stable    cyrpaut             -
wps-office-multilang     1     latest/stable    schmolli-christian  - 

To search for a snap in snap library :

└──╼ $snap find
No search term specified. Here are some interesting snaps:

Name                 Version                    Publisher              Notes    Summary
blender              2.83.5                     blenderfoundation✓     classic  Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.
discord              0.0.11                     snapcrafters           -        All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers
Provide a search term for more specific results.

with a search string :

└──╼ $snap find note
Name                         Version                      Publisher                 Notes    Summary
beekeeper-studio             1.6.10                       matthew-rathbone          -        An open source SQL editor and database management app
journey                      2.14.3                       2appstudio✓               -        Your private diary, journal & companion.
spotify                  spotify✓                  -        Music for everyone
mosquitto                    1.6.12                       mosquitto✓                -        Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT broker
notepad-plus-plus            7.8.9                        mmtrt                     -        Notepad-Plus-Plus is a free source code editor.