How do I remove the global menu

I much prefer my menus on top of my window (especially since I use quadrants - and its a pain to go from the lower right window all the way to the top left to access a menu item)

I can’t seem to find how to remove it in UM 16.10.

Any help?

The easiest way is probably to switch to a different panel layout in MATE Tweak.

My Setup:
Running 17.10. Cupertino layout
Needed to have window menu back as I use a 4 monitor setup. Global menu’s are fine for single monitor but for multiple I have to keep going back to the primary monitor for the menu.

Use Pantheon layout.
(I didn’t loose my Plank apps when I changed over)
Right click on Panel and Add :
Indicator Applet Complete” move to far Right.
MATE MenuAdvanced - move to far Left.
Window List” - move to Right of Menu.
Clock” - move to Centre.

I don’t like things moving on the desktop (animations) as it is a distraction so I use this for System Monitoring.
Menu>System Tools>MATE System Monitor. Right click . Add to Panel.
If you ever need to Kill a program open MATE System Monitor goto Processes, I use this when ALT+F4 does not work.

Looks the Same as Cupertino but without the Global Menu. :slight_smile:

Simply right click on the Global menu, uncheck Lock to Panel and then click on Remove from Panel.