How do I stop caja nagging me about Shotwell?

Whenever I connect my digital camera, caja insists on adding this stupid prompt to the window:

Thank you. Yes, I know it "contains digital photos". I do not want to open it in shotwell. I have never, ever, wanted to open a folder in shotwell. If I did, I would be doing that already. shotwell isn't even my "Preferred" media viewer.

I expected this to be an extension that I just hadn't disabled yet on this install, but apparently not: it seems to be hard-coded into the main app itself. How do I stop caja from - incorrectly - trying to tell me what to do every time I open a folder like this?

edit> This is in 18.04.
I notice it doesn't do this looking at the same content on the NAS - it seems the problem is only triggered when the folder is a device mount.

uninstalling shotwell will stop it I think if you don't use it at all like myself, but besides that idk, I think it's meant to be helpful but?

You can change your preferences in Caja. Caja, Edit, Preferences, Media Tab. Media Handling, Photos: Do Nothing or Open other Application in the drop down menu.

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Thanks, but it's not SET to Shotwell in the first place. (Sorry, I guess I didn't make that clear).