How do I stop the brightness resetting when I log back in? [14.04]

So I'm used to just setting a brightness at a level I like and then changing it myself depending on the time of day. However, if I have logged out and then logged in again, the brightness goes to its max setting. Also, after resuming from a suspend, the brightness does the same thing. So every time I have to reduce it using the FN brightness keys. Can I have it not change back to maximum setting? Tried this but didn't work:

Hello have you tried the brightness applet in the panel applets it works good for me. i don’t know about suspend because i don’t use it. hope this helps

Backlighting is a nightmare because the method of controlling it is proprietary. (Keyboard lighting and what happens when the laptop lid is shut also tend to be proprietary). However, I have an Intel graphics processor and found that the method under “ACPI” in the Arch wiki works.

(For some reason the max_brightness value here is 937 … this has the unexpected advantage that I can put brightness to very low values, far lower than any on-screen control can achieve).

@linuxuser701 I know about the applet but that is manual control of the brightness. I have control with the function key for that. I need it to remember the brightness set between sessions (as has been the case with Xubuntu) or have it set to a lower brightness automatically.

@palourie Have since tried Ubuntu MATE 14.04 on other laptops and it is doing the same thing. I originally thought this was something to do with the NVIDIA GPU in my ThinkPad. My max_brightness is 15, which I think is normal. I did manage to get a command working to set it to a desired level but it requires elevated privileges, so I’m not sure if I could just pop that into a startup command. That would be a good compromise to have it set back from its max value after logging in. I did have that Arch Linux wiki page up the other day and changed a few things because I wasn’t using Intel. Did several GRUB changes/updates/reboots but nothing worked. I’ll probably try again, though just to make sure I didn’t miss the various options.