How Often Or Are The iso Images Updated?

Hi tried the ubuntu-mate-22.04-desktop-amd64.iso.
After checksum and burning image it took about 30 minutes
to get to desktop. First try said Brisk menu error. Next try got
failed to start ubuntu live cd install and failed to start snapd dameon. Whole time DVD drive searching even after Desktop.
Then I rebooted into my system. Did a software update check and at end it said updating spaps. I have snapd removed and thought live iso didn't touch system. Removed it again. Tried the LinuxMint Mate version and it got to Desktop and had hotspot configured and installed Alarm Clock applet to see if it works and it got the dependencies and installed fine. Less than 5 minutes. So question is when next .iso will come out as on data capped internet and hate to burn another 2.7gb. as downloads are very very slow when reaching the cap.
Possibly disc is bad but no problem waiting. Meanwhile checking into alternate Firefox installations as don't want snaps.
Thank you

By the way, if you want an alternative way to install firefox check out my guide here: have two duplicate firefox entries and that will cause problems.
The iso images are updated frequently on this website; However, there hasn't been any new builds since 4 days ago.
Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) Daily Build

Now that Jammy has been officially released, there won't be any more 'daily builds' (of Jammy) - daily builds are a concept of the development phase. Any newly built iso (of Jammy) will be a point-release and these come along every few months.

There is typically a lull in new daily-builds after a release as the dust settles and a new dev-cycle begins with a snapshot from Debian sid. In a week or so, the next release development cycle will start posting daily-builds - these will not be Jammy, they will be whatever K turns out to be.

If you poke around Index of /ubuntu-mate you can get a sense of how this works.

Thanks Basil_Cat, I had already read that topic and it was why I was aware of the snap issue.
Thanks sgage, I just couldn't think (forgot) point release. May wait abit and re download the .iso and try again or just wait for the point release.

I'm back. Was searching on web, nothing right off, then decided to try burning my .iso image to a usb stick. Took a bit of searching and got it on the usb. Comes up to desktop in normal amount of time, must have been a problem with disk. Never had problem, always burn at slowest speed. Alarm Clock applet installed fine.Thanks again. Wanted to mark solved but can't figure out how to get the checkmark on the post. Just tried to copy from my main drive and it works. With bad disk had to drag the file to the desktop to be able to copy password to set up hotspot. Guess the disk was really messed up.

Image is 22.04 Try Desktop.